Thank You

We want to reocgnize and honor the nurses who have been working tirelessly to keep our communities healthy. If you know an amazing nurse or a nurse has made a difference in your life please share their name and story.

Celebrate a nurse! Proudly wear their name on your mask.

Share a Name

Please share the name of a nurse you know or has made a difference in your life. It can be a nurse who has helped you, a nurse you admire or any nurse that you want to honor.

Get a Mask

Buy a home-made mask with the name of the nurse you wish to honor enscribed onto it. MakeFor.Us is a free platform for connecting amateur seamstresses with mask-seekers.


Add the name of a nurse to your mask. You can use a sharpie to inscribe a mask or get an embroidered mask from a local seamstress. Wear their name proudly and share on Instagram and Twitter with #HonorTheNurse